Patrick Rampelotto
Grosse Neugasse 18/2/10
A-1040 Wien

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Tape Furniture

Galerie Rauminhalt 2018

Micro Macro

for Geba Carpets 2018


Kneeswimmer or Newshapedeasychair


Daybed, Edition of 7


Installation at Galerie Rauminhalt

09.03.117 - 01.04.17

Club Argonaut

Edition of five Chandelliers


Standard Lamp 2016
for Spazio Pulpo - Gegen den Strich


Hofmobiliendepot • Möbel Museum Wien, Vienna Design Week 2016


Solo Show at Designmonat Graz 2016
Galerie Gebhard Blazek, Graz


Edition of one Chandellier and three Totems
For Galerie Rauminhalt 2016


Coat Hook
for INTERIO 2015

Kap Orakel

For Backhausen 2015

Trophy Lamps
2014 - 2015

Edition Of Chandelliers

Exhibition 2015
Galerie Rauminhalt, Vienna

Brutiful Book Presentation and solo Show

Table Lamp 2014
Edition for Galerie Rauminhalt

Patrick Rampelotto used for his lamp edition Iris 25 glasses with a classical Art Déco ground finish from the archive of J.&L. Lobmeyr, which originally were produced as elements for chandeliers. The designer changed the original context of these glasses, by transforming them into new light objects. Each glass is now fixed on a round aluminium base with a beveled bottom. When illuminated, the edged finish creates an exciting play with light and shadow, which reminds of the iris of a human eye. The table lamp Iris is available in three different shapes and dimensions.

Stool 2012
Quinze & Milan - Project Partner: Fritz Pernkopf

Glossy meets matte, light meets durable. PILOT is Quinze & Milan's new range of stools. Pilot is smart, beautifully detailed, and available in 3 sizes. The design of the stool is based on traditional archetypes, their basic simplicity in form and function. The organically shade seat is supported by tapered legs made of oiled European oak. The seat itself is generously proportioned for comport, its material tactile and contemporary. The ends of the legs are threaded and screwed into the seat, a connection that is both simple and sophisticated given the two very different materials of the joint.

Table 2015
Project Partner: Fritz Pernkopf

Picture Frame 2012
Frame for Leutner Bildwerkstatt

Daybed / Installation 2013
MAK - Muserum of applied Arts Vienna

Inspired by the new installation of MAK Permanent Collection VIENNA 1900 Design / Arts and Crafts 1890 - 1938, the designer Patrick Rampelotto has created a piece of furniture evoking Adolf Loos well-known, but never realized design of a villa with black-and-white striped marble facade for the scandalous Josephine Baker.

Execution: Quinze&Milan, Belgium

Jewelry Box 2005
Bohemian Crystal Glass

Patrick Rampelotto developed the jewel box Plic together with glass producer J. & L. Lobmeyr. Basing his design on the form and function of the human eye, this glass object with its magnifying lens can serve as a transparent display case for pieces of jewelry.
The boxes halves, which the designer conceived in eight different colors, can be freely combined; this lends his design a total of 128 possible appearances. One of the boxes is made of uranium glass, an increasingly rare material which only few glass foundries still make. The uranium oxide compound lends this glass a transparent light-green hue which glows under black light.


Limited Edition USB Jewelry

Andy Butler (HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR) X Samstag Shop Mix Vol. 1

Vase 2007

Rampelotto worked with glass blowers in the Czech Republic to produce the vase Guli. Its concave foot makes for lower material stress, resulting in a more impact-resistant glass object. But this concavity serves to do more than just optimize the material

Exhibition MAK 2012
MAK - Muserum of applied Arts Vienna

Rampelotto hit upon the polypropylene foam used in his most recent works in early 2010: it is produced using a special machine which was developed and patented as a pilot unit to produce new kinds of sandwich components for the machine and vehicle industries by Hammerschmid Maschinenbau GmbH, located near Linz. This material has to be heated to a temperature of 140°C and then processed within seconds, since it quickly solidifies and assumes a stable shape as it cools off. It is a synthetic material which is both foamable and translucent. Hammerschmid agreed to give the young designer access to both the machine and their technicians.
Rampelotto has taken Adventures in Foam as an opportunity to experiment with polypropylene foam in a way that is artistically free and unburdened by considerations of product utility. Rampelotto speaks of a type of “sketching,” on the basis of which a product can then be developed further. He thinks that a lampshade conceived for this exhibition, for example, has potential to be produced in series, although manual production would entail each object’s still being a unique piece.

Pin 2013
Project Partner: Kurt Rudolf

Pin dedicated to the norwegians that have proudly embraced their countryman, Johan Vaaler, as the true inventor, and that during the nazi occupation of norway in world war II, norwe- gians made the paper clip a symbol of national unity. Prohibited from wearing buttons imprinted with the norwegian king's initials, they fastened paper clips to their lapels in a show of solidarity and opposition to the occupation.

Remis - Chair
Apollo - Silicone Lamp
Q Mirror/Comb
Table for MAGAZIN Vienna 2010
Remis - Hommage a Franz West